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Are the new Years Resolutions wearing off? - Doing more of nothing.

This time of year we may be feeling the motivation waning and the resolutions slipping. Currently we may be affected by the many recent traumas that have had a national and global impact. The suicide of Caroline Flack and many other people in the public eye who were suffering in silence. Storms and bushfires that have left communities flooded and in ruin. Brexit. Coronavirus.

Sometimes I wonder what is this urge we have as humans to self-improve and always be moving forward (maybe its the inbuilt curse of evolution, maybe an outdated societal rule, a conditioning to keep us productive or a complex mix of both). I feel humbled and grounded by recent events and more cognitively directed and focused towards aspects of life that are far more simple and imminent - Family, friends, love, compassion, giving more than we take from this planet and working enough to live - making that work something that contributes to others wellbeing and the wellbeing of our world.

Keeping ourselves mentally and physically healthy in a kind and gentle way and supporting others in doing so is my continuing resolution, plus asking for help when I need it. A big part of this goal is to do more of nothing. My resolution for 2020 is, and continues to be, this.

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