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Which segment of your life needs self-care?

It's important for us all to regularly check in with ourselves and our self-care practice. How do we feel physically? Are those recurrent headaches or neckaches sending us a message that we may need to slow down, rest and breathe? Do we feel our sense of purpose needs a boost? Are we feeling part of a community or group. Have we found our tribe(s)? Are our work/life boundaries breaking down and are we forgetting what the difference is? Whatever is sending us off kilter will become apparent if we give ourselves the time and space to explore what we need.

Once in touch with what we need, be it fun, excitement, nourishment or absolute nothingness, the next challenge is allowing ourselves permission to fulfill the need. How do we begin to hush the voice inside saying 'but I should be working' 'I should go out tonight', I should put others needs first', 'I shouldn't do that thing I really want to do'? If we remember that these rules are usually inherited from others, usually influential others and aren't always fact. We can empower ourselves to change in very subtle ways. Make yourself some new rules that work for you and the morals and ethics you live by.

Have a go today at ignoring the shoulds of the inner critic and allowing your inner nurturer to take the reigns. And be sure that sometimes the nurturing is all for you.

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